Rebels in Prison - All

All rebels, current and past, that have spent time in prison in the last few years. Alternatively, see just the people in prison now. Not an exhaustive list, but we are doing our best to add as many accounts as possible.

22 Sep

Sandy Rodgers

at HMP Lewes
18 Sep

Nick Cooper

at HMP Bedford
21 Jun

Yogi Bear

at HMP Foston Hall
15 Jun

Mike Lynch-White

at HMP Thameside
06 May

Dr Larch Maxey

at HMP Pentonville
21 Apr

Dave McKenny

at HMP Wandsworth
15 Apr

Stefania Morosi

at HMP Bronzefield
04 Apr

Tracey Mallaghan

at HMP Bronzefield
19 Mar

Reverend Tim Hewes

at HMP Wandsworth
08 Mar

Sally Davidson

at HMP Bronzefield
19 Feb

Hannah Schafer

at HMP Bronzefield
02 Feb

Arrain Hawker