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Stretches in prison

About Diana Warner

Dr Diana Warner has been sentenced to 4 months, accepted guilt, REDUCED to reflect current conditions 2 months not suspended. Dr Diana Warner’s statement:

“I am a doctor. I retired from General Practice in March last year, but I feel I am working just as hard for people’s health and wellbeing right now.

We all need to change our behaviour drastically so that we and our children can look forward to a decent future. Our children and young people need a future in where they can eat well, drink clean water, feel safe and make their own choices in life. All these things are in jeopardy.

I am working for our survival, for our children’s health. I believe a doctor’s work is to help people to take care of their own health, and everyone needs to take responsibility for themselves as much as they can.

I have never intentionally harmed anyone. I was recently imprisoned for four weeks because of my actions as a climate activist. Under the direction of this government, the UK is set on a path of destruction that might result in killing everyone on the planet. We need to change our path now. On this website, I show you why. I also show you how we can set about change through Citizens’ Assemblies.

This is a crisis point and action to change has to start now.

When I was in prison, my mother (88) sent me a note of encouragement. It seems fitting to give her the last word:

“Dear Diana,

I hope this letter finds you well, and that we will be able to meet soon. I knew from a young age that you could see the flaws of this world and you wanted to do all you could to change it for the better. Thinking of you with pride and sending you all my love,

Mum xxxx””

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