Join us

Please email [email protected] if you have any time to give to support activists in prison in the UK.

We would really appreciate any help with the following areas:


Could you create content that could be sent to those in prison to help improve their time in prison?

This could be articles/puzzles/exercises or anything that can be sent by email or in the post (there are significant restrictions on what can be sent into prisons by post).


Could you post on our social media accounts, sharing stories, talking to other organisations, encouraging others to support RIPS?


Forwarding emails to prisoners via and being in close communication with each prisoner’s support team.

Each support team includes;

  • A point of contact (who have direct phone contact with prisoner – usually a friend or family member)
  • A buddy -someone to forward emails to the prisoner through and other support as needed.
  • Other friends/supporters/family
  • A member of RIPS core team


Help maintain the website and other digital tools. Email [email protected] if you are interested.