Set up by the family and friends of people held in prison after climate protests in early 2021, Rebels in Prison support is a organisation set up to support activists who have been imprisoned fighting for a new world. We are an independent organisation set up by individuals from Extinction Rebellion, Burning Pink & other independent groups.

What we spend money on:

  • Emails to send and reply via
  • Commissary money
  • Sending people things in prison (printing & postage)
  • Website and hosting
  • Transport and Expenses
  • In the future it would be nice to offer legal support

Who do we support?

Although set up to support climate activists, RIPS will support any individual in prison for law-breaking pushing for a better world. We will support any non-violent action defined by no intentional damage to a human or animal body.

Thanks to…

When I first reached out for support, Gabriella Ditton immediately replied with all sorts of fantastic ideas of how else we could support future rebels, and has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation for which I’m eternally grateful.

Many thanks to Joe Irving for swiftly creating this amazing website, and helping us create databases for our rebels.

To G.J for contributing all the lovely artwork and poems, and all your continued support and suggestions.

To The Prison Phoenix Trust for giving me access to all their wonderful work made especially for prisoners.

And to all the rebels and their supporters out there making the movement move.