• Abolitionist Futures - Info, resources, news and event on prison and police abolition in the UK
  • Anarchist Black Cross Federation - An organization supporting political prisoners.
  • Community Action on Prison Expansion - This organisation is the main opposition force to the mega-prisons being built around the UK. Check out their website to find out more about that campaign, and other topics like prison abolition.
  • Green & Black Cross - An independent grassroots project set up in the spirit of mutual aid to support social and environmental struggles within the UK. Helping with legal matters arising from protest and actions only.
  • Krazydad - Printable puzzles. Free to use for non-profit purposes.
  • Prisoner Reform Trust - An organisation that influences decision makers, opinion formers and the public to: reduce the use of prisons, improve conditions for prisoners, promote equality and human rights in the criminal justice system.
  • Prisoner Solidarity Network - A group committed to dismantling the criminal justice system and building a society based on collective care.
  • The Prison Phoenix Trust - A range of yoga and meditation handouts available to help prisoners cope with the increased hours they are having to spend in their cells.
  • Trained Emotional Support Network & Climate Psychology Alliance - The Trained Emotional Support Network of XR is happy to receive calls from distressed people in prison or their prison supporters!
  • Unlock - Unlock offer practical help and support for people living with a criminal record.
  • Vegan Prisoners Support Group - Supporting vegans in prison, ensuring vegan prisoners receive nutritional food parcels and a healthy balanced diet in prison.

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