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Stretches in prison

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Louis gave the following statement on the day of his sentencing:

I’d like to say I’m proud of what we did, and I stand by my actions.

These actions have been in solidarity with all those in the world who will bear the brunt of the climate crisis we are in.

Our government’s current path of action dooms our people and our planet, and I will continue to do all I can to protect the citizens betrayed by our government.

Sentence me as you like, but know all of our actions up to this point have been in an effort to save a great number of lives, and you have the opportunity here to influence the course of action on the climate emergency in this country.

I went to university to study mechanical engineering with the intention of using my mind to combat the climate crisis, but the science says we have less than half a decade to effectively mitigate the climate crisis, and insulating Britain is the first logical step, and it’s a step which must be taken now.

I don’t want to be taking this action, sitting in front of angry drivers, ruining people’s days, and facing prison for it. My 21st birthday is tomorrow, and I accept I’ll likely spend it, and Christmas too, in prison, away from everyone and everything I love.

Anyone who truly understands the severity of the crisis we are in will be willing to do as I have. Non-violent direct action is the most effective method of societal change in history and the most effective tool at the people’s disposal at this time.

A judge of your caliber has influence in this system, and as someone with the intelligence and knowledge to understand the emergency we are in, you have a responsibility to act. The world is watching.

I have no money to pay fines, no assets to be seized; I have been acting to save life, do with me as you like.