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You can email Biff Whipster on [email protected], all messages are really appreciated.

Stretches in prison

Biff was jailed on Friday 29th April for 28 days at Pentonville Prison for disrupting his hearing at Stratford Magistrate and refusing to comply with the genocidal UK judiciary.

Biff will likely serve two weeks.

Message from Biff to all:

"I grew up thinking what happened in court is intelligent people got together to weigh up evidence and the truth won the day. The trouble is, that’s bullshit. Justice has been bought and sold long ago. Stand for truth and you don’t get on, whether you work for the CPS, Police or judiciary. The system has been honed and finely tuned over the years to keep bravery, honesty, integrity and acting with conscience out of upholding law and order. The ‘system’ has rigged the game to protect their deadly crimes. Treason!”

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