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Stretches in prison

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Tim gave the following statement on the day of his sentencing:

In an insane world, the sane will be seen as insane. In a world where fossil fuel companies make up the largest delegation at a conference to avert climate catastrophe… In a world where 8,500 people die each year because they can’t afford to heat their own homes, in one of the richest nations on earth… In a world where the scientists warning us of a “Code Red For Humanity” is news for a day and forgotten the next… This is the world in which I stand before you, arguing that a few hours of traffic is justified in the fight against extinction.

Never before has a civilisation had the burden and the privilege to see it’s own collapse coming. And in this world, those trying to avert catastrophe are vilified and criminalized, and those profiting from death are protected and rewarded.

We asked for a chance to live. That’s all.

And we did so in the tradition of nonviolent protest upon which this country was built. In response, the government declared it would do “everything we can to stop them”.

That quote is from Grant Shapps, the government minister who had a second job under a fake name, selling get rich quick guides, called “Stinking Rich”. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest he isn’t doing everything he can to protect the millions of vulnerable people suffering, and thousands dying, every single year, due to fuel poverty.

In an insane world, the sane will be seen as insane. And in a democracy steeped in lies & corruption, good people have a duty to disobey bad laws. We did our duty, and I await the day when a judge in a court of law is brave enough to do theirs.