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Stretches in prison

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Ana gave the following statement on the day of her sentencing:

We do not own the land we live upon, it is in our guardianship whilst we are here. We steward this earth for those who’ve gone and those to come.

I can no longer stand by and witness our demise without screaming or feeling suicidal. Feelings I have channelled into my actions. I don’t trust words much anymore. I am more traumatised by the government’s attitude toward climate and social injustices than I am of nature and public order acts.I think I know how to behave and demonstrate my moral and civic duties. I consider myself a good person. My petition is to the government, and I am distraught that the only way this is working is through the economic disruption to ordinary people.

I am here because I felt an opportunity to stop the world and get off, take a pause from our civilisation, hurtling along toward, and responsible for, ecocide, genocide and our own suicides.

I live in one of the social houses our demand is about. It is not a healthy, safe environment – I choose between food and an ineffective, expensive heating system. The effects of this include a deterioration of health to the point I had to stop work and register as disabled. And I am fortunate, which I know and appreciate.

For many years I lived a self-sufficient, ultra low-gas-emitting lifestyle, but our homes and lifestyle became a threat to the government, as a viable alternative as hundreds of families gathered and created thriving communities on this small isle. We succumb to the eternal racism, bigotry, and lack of policy shown by societies and governments globally toward gypsies and travellers. The pitches promised never evolved, the statistics are a damning disgrace on us all.

So I am here asking the government and court to pause, ground themselves, and connect with me in a meaningful and constructive way. I want to start rebuilding a trust between all of us, and I want the government to show me they can get on with the jobs that must be done, by taking the first, easiest, and most profitable step, which is to insulate (i.e.: protect) Britain. I only want a statement I can trust, can this not be done for British people? I need parliament to signal its intention to take care of it’s people, at the most basic of levels.

We are the first 9 of 32 people, and this number grows daily. Whatever happens to us will happen to the following 24 people, and so forth. Is this the best use of our resources and intellects? Please note the frugality in presentation of our case here today vis-à-vis the exaggerations of the prosecution’s team. To lock up the disabled, pensioners, students, doctors, teachers, rather than talk about insulating our homes, seems abjectly idiotic to me, and I can only summise that the powers don’t care or are scared of an uprising to hold them to account. To cause unemployment, bankrupt those on benefits, deny the future to the young, deny collapsing systems world-wide, and in our own country, we are all witness to, and responsible for, is now in your remit.

Judgements made here and now, in these precious moments, because tempus does fugit, as to whether the asking for a statement of intent from our government, indicating our rights to live healthily in safety, and taking actions to emphasise our plight, knowing that my livelihood, home, and liberty are at stake, should result in charges and paperwork I frankly do not understand, and a process whereby I’m here looking at a possible two year prison sentence and heavy costs that will have to be covered by the welfare payments the government gives me.

I will have to trust our lives into your judgement and reasoning.

Thank you for listening.