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Stretches in prison

Mike Lynch-White, BSC Physics, co-founder of Scientist Rebellion, is an activist also with Extinction Rebellion, Burning Pink & Palestine Action and Heathrow Pause

Mike has taken part in many non-violent protests in the last couple of years and is a key advocate of civil disobedience and direct action.

We're risking 6 degrees of warming this century - many crops fail at this point, parts of the world become uninhabitable, and social collapse becomes a real risk.

If you're more upset about some paint being thrown on a building than what the science says is coming very soon, then I doubt you've really understood what the science means.” - Mike LW

In normal times, it is immoral to break a window - and I would never do that. But if that room is on fire, it is not only allowed to break a window, it is seen as ones moral duty - to act in unusual ways to prevent death.” - Mike LW

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