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Stretches in prison

About Mike Lynch-White

Mike Lynch-White, BSC Physics, co-founder of Scientist Rebellion, is an activist also with Extinction Rebellion, Burning Pink & Palestine Action and is being held on remand at HMP Thameside as of Tuesday 15 June following a weekend in police custody.

Mike has taken part in many non-violent protests in the last couple of years and is a key advocate of civil disobedience and direct action.

We’re risking 6 degrees of warming this century - many crops fail at this point, parts of the world become uninhabitable, and social collapse becomes a real risk.

If you’re more upset about some paint being thrown on a building than what the science says is coming very soon, then I doubt you’ve really understood what the science means.” - Mike LW

In normal times, it is immoral to break a window - and I would never do that. But if that room is on fire, it is not only allowed to break a window, it is seen as ones moral duty - to act in unusual ways to prevent death.” - Mike LW

It will be no shock to Mike that he is in prison at this time and he will likely be as prepared as he can be for the experience. However, he still needs our support.

Please send him emails of at mikeremand@protonmail and send him physical mail at:

Mike Lynch-White (A7301EQ) HMP Thameside Griffin Manor Way London SE28 0FJ