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About Oliver Rock

Oliver gave the following statement on the day of his sentencing:

I am proud of what we did, and I stand by our actions.

I honestly did not do the things I did for personal gain. I take responsibility for my actions.

I’m sure that everyone in this room is aware of the climate crisis. I took action in an attempt to mitigate the suffering of those in this country who cannot afford to properly heat their homes, and in an attempt to mitigate the enormous suffering which is already occurring, and which will only increase as the climate crisis accelerates. We have all the information we need about this crisis, but I think it’s important to connect with the emotional weight of the situation that is upon us.

I invite those present in this courtroom to reflect on this suffering, and to join me in a minute’s silence.

long silence & pause

Judge interrupts & asks if there’s anything else to say

One thing I would like to stay, in terms of the risk to people, I made every attempt to mitigate the risk, and where there was risk, it was to myself or to other protestors.

I call upon the government to act now, to agree to insulate Britain.