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Stretches in prison

About Ben Newman

Ben was remanded to prison after getting on the tracks at the Epsom Derby at the end of May 2023.

In a statement - Animal Rising said;

Ben is an incredibly valuable part of the Animal Rising community. He co-founded the Plant Based Universities campaign and has been a guiding presence in Animal Rising for years. From blockading dairy distribution centres to rescuing multiple beagle puppies to giving interviews on national TV - Ben has dedicated so much to this cause.

Ben stood up for all life at the Epsom Derby to protect horses and continue the vital conversation we are having about our broken relationship with animals and nature. For this he has been remanded to prison for over a month without trial. If you have ever been to an Animal Rising event then you will probably know Ben and know that this is a gross overstep of the justice system.

Ben made it onto the Epsom racecourse despite an injunction, £150,000 spent on private security and a policing effort that calls into question the nature of our democracy and our right to protest. When companies are able to buy laws and a government becomes increasingly aggressive towards protesters, locking them away without trial, we must question the state that we live under.

Their actions seek to intimidate and repress us but we will not stop acting for what we know to be right. Ben is a brave, selfless person who has committed himself to fighting for a better future for animals and for us all, and is an inspiration for us to continue to take action.

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